Material Packages

Cedarland Homes is not only your builder of choice in the Parry Sound and Muskoka area.  We also supply material only house packages throughout Ontario.

Why buy a premium house package from Cedarland Homes?

  • Fixed price with NO cost overruns
  • Premium quality lumber
  • Exceptional Blueprints
  • Faster Construction
  • Labour cost savings
  • More….

Our hands-on experience of building homes for over 35 years allows us to provide you with an exceptional home material package.  Not only do you receive premium materials, we also design using methods that will save your framer time on site and save you on the cost of the overall build.  You will work with our design team to make the design your own, whether it starts with one of our many custom cottage and home designs or whether it’s a unique design all your own.  Each home is completely customized for you.  During the process we will design in a way that is beneficial for on site framing and we will make recommendations that will save you costs on the overall project.  We understand the overall process better then most!

Let’s get started.  Let’s turn your dream into a reality!

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Working with a tight schedule?  Concerned about the limited availability of skilled trades?  Ask us about our pre-manufactured and panelized wall options.  Both will save you time, and money.