Ryan and Kelly

My wife and I (with my wife leading the charge) had decided we were going to construct a turnkey home on Georgian Bay as opposed to buying one. We considered many options and builders in the area, in the end we felt that in order to get exactly what we wanted in our forever home we decided to contact Cedarland Homes.  One and a half years after that initial e-mail I can say that was the best decision we ever made, from initial consultation through the design and construction stage I had prepared myself for a stressful grey hair inducing couple of years.  I was mistaken, as the entire process was devoid of stress.  We were able to enjoy the process of watching our home being built, with consultation and guidance from Cedarland staff for site selection, prep, design, framing, finishes selection, etc.

Having been able to enjoy our completed home for 8 months, I would recommend Cedarland to anyone considering building a home/cottage. We are still beaming over the overall quality of the product we received, and the overall value of the services we received from Cedarland. Having been involved on numerous housing projects professionally, the benefits of utilizing Cedarland to complete all aspects of a high quality turnkey product is unmatched.

Thanks again to Paul, Greg and all of the staff of Cedarland for your help and support from day one to present day. We have always felt comfortable and respected during this whole process which is something that is a welcome surprise for such a significant life event such as building a home.  One final note is the entire project was under our initial budget, but has FAR exceeded our expectations and dreams of the home we had envisioned.



Ryan and Kelly Tabobondung

- Ryan and Kelly

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Happy Holidays!

Our offices and work sites are closing down starting Monday, December 25th and reopening on Tuesday, January 2nd.

Thank you to all of our staff, clients, and partners for another great year. We wish you a safe, happy holiday and we look forward to building with you in 2024!